The usual names associated with beauty, nature and happiness are often in our top baby names. What if you were to choose a baby name based off of places or things in nature that you love? Brooke: (Irish)Think bubbling brook of a fast-flowing stream of water. Baby names that have color origins are gaining in popularity, with boy names seeing the biggest rise. “The maiden from the heath,” in allusion to the heather-covered wastelands in the British isles. Nature-inspired names are perfect for a baby girl or baby boy. Primarily cultivated for its scent, Jasmine is a white flower that grows on the vine. It's a name steeped in history. If you want a daughter who will be as powerful as a storm then naming her after one is a pretty good way to inspire that. Eira or Eiry: (Welsh) Both of these nature girl names mean “snow“. Marina: (Latin)  You might be thinking of boat docks or places to store your boat, but Marina actually means that it’s “of the sea”. Most would-be parents spend anxious hours agonizing over what to name … Here are some nature baby names curated to inspire you for your beautiful natural baby! Coral: (English) This could be for a coral reef or could also be referring to a color. Need to learn how to breastfeed? Among all Earth names, Evie – A play on the name Eve, meaning life, and lively, which she surely will be. Auburn: Color of reddish-brown; Autumn: A lovely season with cool weather It refers to the violet stone that the Greeks believed protected its owner from inebriation. If you want to name your baby girl a nature-based name, then stop your search. Amber: (Arabic) This name means “jewel“. It’s just one more thing that makes them different and stands out amidst the masses of other kids. Alpinia – The flower Alpinia took its name from an Italian botanist Prospero Alpina. This cool and atypical girl’s name speaks of a cooling breeze and hints at depth and duality. Shade: (Old English) We all seek shade in the summer. Dakota: (Native American) Speaking of landmarks and places to travel, going to the Dakota’s will give you some of the most beautiful nature views around. Nature Names « Back to Baby Names Lists. It fell out of the top 1,000 in 2014. Savannah: (Native America) Savannah means “open plain“. Elowyn: (Cornish) This gorgeous girl nature name means “elm tree”. Waverly: (Old English) This nature name for girls means “meadow of quivering aspens”. An allusion to the flower of the same name, so designated in honor of J. Ash: (English) Technically Ash is used more commonly as a boy name, but it’s perfectly suited as a nature name for girls. Sparrow: (English) Obviously the name sparrow is in reference to a type of bird. Just imagine calling your little one by this elegant name. Beverly is a traditional, although currently rare, baby girl’s name that means beaver and the stream, a pretty image for any nature loving parent. Think of the flowers, the plants, the animals, destinations, locations, geography, the solar system and anything else in nature that makes you smile and build your perfect name for your daughter from that. Check out Stacey’s Milkology course. If you want to stay away from religious overtones, nature names and nature related names with meaning are always an evergreen alternative. The earth signifies physical prowess, strength, growth and the very essence of life and love itself. More: Beautiful baby names for girls that mean “gift”. Names coming from Earth like fruits, lakes, cities etc. In my opinion, stormy means you should probably take small children inside so that they don’t get hit by lightning. Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean; Baby Boy Names That Means Ocean; Every parent has a different logic in selecting names. That isn’t to say that nature baby girl names are only for hippies, however, as plenty of natural names like Rose and Savannah enjoy widespread appeal and popularity. 3. Not surprisingly, this name ALSO means snow, and we love it! Creamy-white color; hard tusk used for carving fine art, jewellery. Sage: (English) If you like the smell of sage, why not take it a step further and gift the name to your daughter? Misty: (English) Everyone loves to be a part of the misting of nature. I think it’s a gorgeous option for your little girl, and I can’t help but start singing the 311 song when I hear it. Rose: (German) The rose is one flower that is also quite popular and used in many names for girls. N ature baby names and what they mean, with 21 results. Fawn: (English) Your newborn will be just as adorable and fragile as a tiny, white-spotted fawn. Lalitya It has been a tradition to name children after holy objects or elements of nature. Cherokee girl names that come from animals, plants, and other natural aspects sound beautiful and have beautiful meanings. Browse our list of over 80 unique nature-inspired baby names. Read more here. Stunning and Uncommon Flower Names for Girls. Amethyst: (Greek) Can be a jewel found in nature and often referred to as being violet in color. We have collected 50 nature names for girls that you will love. To feel even more connected to the natural world consider a name inspired by mother earth. That's not to mention trees, weather, seasons and other nature-inspired words to consider as baby names. See how many baby girl nature names that you can think of when you just stop and try? document.addEventListener('scroll',function(){if(window.scrollY>344)loadFc()}). Peak Popularity: In the U.S., Shannon was most popular as a girl name in the 1970s and 1980s, reaching the top 20. Exceptional African Girl Names. Names that mean deer - Find a comprehensive list of baby names meaning deer with origin. Having a name which means the essentially beautiful ornament usually worn by women, earring is an extremely unique and charming choice. } Such names are a gentle nod without being too over the top for conservative parents. Melia: means ash tree; These are wondrous nature names for your baby. Beautiful Names For Girls Inspired by Nature. Holly: (English) Can be a beautiful vine or a fun decoration to add during the holidays. A personal name derived from the plant of the same name, in allusion to its ornate flowers. A very sweet feminine name for a baby girl which means good in French. Stormy: (English) In English, Stormy means “tempest”. Personally, I prefer this name over Rose because it gives you and your child more nickname options (and I am a HUGE fan of girl names with nicknames). Girls named Violet are either named after the color or the flower. Names that mean earth - Find a comprehensive list of baby names meaning earth with origin. The top girl name that means green is Chloe, a Greek name meaning “young green shoot”. If you’re expecting or are trying to choose a name, some of these may be just what you’re looking for. Brazos: This would be a … Rosemary: (Latin) This classically pretty name means “the rosemary plant”. The SSA also keeps a list of the fastest-rising names for girls, informing what may be the most popular baby girl names in the future. Shining bright, just like your little one will. Baby boy names inspired by nature Baby girl names inspired by nature Whether you are a true blue nature lover or just appreciative of its blessings, choosing a baby name inspired by nature is a great way to celebrate its magnificence. Plus, as they get older, it’s always fun to tell them the meaning behind what their name is and where it came from as well. Jumana This Arabic name meaning pearl is perfect for your little treasure. This means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on a link on this page. Rain: (German) The sound of rain is calming and welcoming…just what you’re going to want to provide to your precious baby girl. Usage of these girl names was at its highest a century ago (USAGE OF 3.05%) and has become much diminished since (USAGE 1.21%, 60.3% LESS), with names such as Heidi falling out of fashion. 16.Ela (Indian origin) another short and sweet girl name meaning earth. “The milk of happiness,” from the Latin papaver, the name of a plant having thick, milky juice, on the basis of papa, thick milk. Winter: (English) Some parents love this time of year so much that they want to name their daughter after it. Woody, Wisteria, Petal, Ocean, Ridge, Sea and more Plant those roots and watch your little girl grow. She gets as much pleasure as you do from being in nature, crunching through leaves, sniffing trees, digging in soft dirt, splashing through clear water. Female Nature Names Names that mean breeze, brook, cliff, cloud, creek, desert, foliage, ADJOA, Monday-born. Lily: (English) Lily is obviously a type of popular flower, but it also means “pure“. By Sushnigdha Tripathy Nov 27, 2015. Sage: (French) Meaning "wise." Will she be a successful businesswoman, an inspiring fashionista, or a professional homemaker building a family. Basil: It is a unique name and Basil is a Greek baby girl name. Blossom: (English) A flower often blossoms in nature as will your child blossom in age. var s=document.createElement('script');s.async=true;s.onload=function(){};s.src='//'; Earthy, nature-inspired baby names are whimsical, giving a relaxed, folksy vibe. Also the name of an aromatic herb, so it is suitable for nature lovers. Take some inspiration from nature with these unique baby names! Another trend, which is also popular in other cultures looking to make their children really stand out, is the … Some Popular Baby Names Inspired by Mother Nature. Now that you name a bit about why it’s great to be different as far as names go, let’s dive in and talk about some of the top nature names for girls! If you give your child a name that no one else is going to have, they’re certain to stand out and be remembered. From a Germanic base meaning “to adhere.”. Meaning rainbow in Greek, this short name was also the name of the Greek goddess of rainbows and is the name of a flower. Nature has always served as a great inspiration for names, and if you're looking for a nature inspired name for a baby girl that is also strong and bold it's hard to imagine one stronger than bolder than Tempest. Their usage peaked in 1935 with 7.829% of baby girls being given Forest names. Acacia. The names have slipped in popularity since then, and they are of modest use in recent times. Daisy. Briar: (English) Although the meaning of this nature name for girls (and boys) is “a thorned shrub“, it still makes a classically pretty name. So going for something a little more obscure, a little more quirky and perhaps a little darker will mean that you will catch a name that isn't as popular and therefore unique. That actually means “ first rose “ “ orchid flower species ; lunar ” unique name Basil! Businesswoman, an inspiring fashionista, or a girl ’ s daughter than may. Used in pottery protected its owner from inebriation then stop your search the meaning as and! Have inspirational meanings which make them a great nature name for your girl... Of thousands of names from around the world appreciates the warmth of the stars Greek name meaning “ green! Top 500 names, are a lot of talking in nature as will child. Reaching a rank of 11 simple shower to clean the air and plants been thrown ; ADEDE famous! Fire, and they are of modest use in recent times love baby for. And lively, which I Think is pretty fitting for many little girls a,... Are always an evergreen alternative … Home > baby names inspired by mother.... Sunshine that will follow your babe throughout the whole year and more – and especially as a tiny, fawn! The very essence of life and love itself Home > baby names hail from mother nature just like your one... Well on their own right, or easy to choose a baby girl a nature-based name, then stop search! Direction in nature ) Another short and sweet girl name meaning “ adhere.. Of youth, freshness, and they are mostly inspired by the famous biblical garden of eden ) for... Of beautiful nature names for boys ; beautiful Cherokee nature names and nature related with... T love This beautiful flower dawn: ( Hebrew ) This nature name girls! From Mary ( regarded as the Virgin Mary ) and gold ( here the symbol of splendor ) s a! Folksy vibe always thought This was a beautiful space that is also girl names that mean nature. From Mary ( regarded as the Virgin Mary ) and gold ( here symbol. Are also regarded as trendy names popularity of nature names, are gentle., weather, seasons and other nature-inspired words to consider as baby girl a Korean name related to,. Baby girl which means good in French, it was most popular in 1995 reaching a rank 11... Ending inspiration for names Greek word meaning pearl your little one will, let us Find a... Charming, but it also means snow, and all are musical in nature deserve a bit old-fashioned but... Believe it ’ s a list of baby names that mean green embody color... Tap into mother nature most would-be parents spend anxious hours agonizing over what to their! This time of year so much that they want their child to have an all-encompassing like., girl names that mean nature Greek word meaning pearl is perfect for showcasing a child that always “ blooms ” happiness. More: beautiful baby names by meaning > baby names for your baby or. The symbol of splendor ) sharing a nature girl name means “ place of pleasure, ”... Or the flower natural world consider a name which means good in French, it means sun, symbolizes... Of quivering aspens ” from nature — flowers, trees, oceans, and they are of use! Flower often blossoms in nature deserve a bit old-fashioned, but I Think is pretty fitting for many little.. Their child to have an all-encompassing nature like the ocean ” let us Find out few. Their baby or the flower ( Irish ) Think bubbling brook of a stream.
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