close. [16][19] Police noted an increase in instances of illegal fire hydrant openings. Aus Wikimedia Commons, dem freien Medienarchiv. [42][43] On 25 July, NS cancelled services on the Schiphol–Antwerp high-speed railway between Amsterdam—Schiphol—Rotterdam, and the connection between Amsterdam—Eindhoven and Eindhoven—Heerlen. [18], Five people died nationwide: four from drowning and one from heat stroke. Facebook; Twitter; Share View more share options. Accessed June 28, 2019. [44][45] This continued into the following day, except with four other routes made unavailable; Amsterdam—Alkmaar, Amsterdam—The Hague, Duivendrecht—Lelystad and Schiphol—Nijmegen. image caption People crowd a beach on the island of Usedom, northern Germany. First published on Tue 2 Jul 2019 08.21 EDT . Tue 2 Jul 2019 09.21 EDT. [55] Also on 27 July, Trondheim Airport recorded a new all-time high with 33.5 °C (92.3 °F) and saw five consecutive days with high above 32 °C (90 °F). [40], On 27 July, the KNMI ended the orange alert for South Holland, Zeeland, North Brabant and Limburg. [69][70] Trains arriving and departing from Birmingham New Street and around the West Midlands were also disrupted. The heat seen in the UK in July, however, was “less rare”, van Oldernborgh says: “For Britain, it was not all that unusual. in June", "45,9°C devient le nouveau record de chaleur jamais enregistré en France", "Fast 46 Grad in Frankreich Fünf Tote durch die Hitzewelle in Europa", "Summer heat killed nearly 1,500 in France, officials say", "Synop Summary for Berlin-Tempelhof (10384) 26/6/2019", "Heatwave in Germany: Temperatures of 40C forecast", "Extreme Europe heat wave to persist in Spain, France after many countries set all-time highs for June", "Hot weather triggers code yellow and National Heat Plan in the Netherlands", "Synop Summary for De Bilt (06260) 26/6/2019", "Synop Summary for Volkel (06375) 26/6/2019", "European heat wave: France, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic set June records, and the worst is still to come", "Synop Summary for Bilbao Sondica (08025) 26/6/2019", "Synop Summary for Zaragoza Aeropuerto (08160) 26/6/2019", "Synop Summary for Zaragoza Aeropuerto (08159) 26/6/2019", "Alburquerque se sitúa como la localidad más calurosa de España con 44,4 grados", "La ola de calor funde con 43,2 grados el récord de junio en Zaragoza, que se remontaba a 1965", "Weather forecast by locations. [67] Measures also included painting railway tracks white to reduce the temperature of the steel, and cancelling services. No AC", "Small chance of temps hitting 42°C next week", "74-year-old Dutch heat record shattered: mercury rises to 39.3", "Extreme hitte voorbij: KNMI beëindigt code oranje", "ProRail - ProRail neemt hittemaatregelen in hete week", "ProRail: Donderdag 'code rood' voor hitte, 'neem water mee in trein, "NS dunt dienstregeling uit: Door lange blootstelling aan hitte meer onderhoud nodig", "NS: door hitte vandaag wéér minder intercity's", "4000 kippen dood door hitte | Binnenland", "Honderden kippen dood in hete vrachtwagen", "Heatwave caused nearly 400 more deaths in Netherlands: stats agency", "Scandinavia goes tropical as heat wave heads north", "Weather statistics for Nordnes, Saltdal", "Weather statistics for Trondheim Airport Værnes", "Rekordvarm tropenatt - aldri under 26 grader", "Nordic countries sizzle as European heatwave moves north", "Sweden heatwave: Barbecue bans and weather warnings as temperatures set to top 30C", "Public Health England issues heat warning for whole of UK", "Lightning strikes the UK during the night", "UK heatwave: Country sees hottest July day on record", "New official highest temperature in UK confirmed", "Cambridge stakes claim to hottest UK day on record", "The hottest day for 137 years: Temperature hits 35.1C in Sheffield", "Britain facing hottest day since records began as 39C forecast for Thursday", "UK railways in chaos as searing heat sparks fear of derailed trains", "UK heatwave: Rail delays on UK's hottest July day", "Overhead train cables snap and cause fire in north London", "West Midlands Railway issues travel advice to passengers after warning NOT to start any journeys", "Afternoon report recap: Heatwave latest as weather warning in place; traffic and travel", "UK heatwave: Commuters face fresh chaos on railways and cancelled flights due to 'extreme weather, "UK heatwave: More delays for travellers despite temperatures easing", "Thousands of passengers disrupted as flights and trains cancelled due to extreme heat", "July was world's hottest month on record, WMO says", "July hottest month measured, 2019 set to be among warmest years", "Human contribution to the record-breaking July 2019 heatwave in Western Europe – World Weather Attribution", "Scientists link Europe heat wave to man-made global warming",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 03:03. Also experienced temperatures of 45.1 °C ( 111.9 °F ) for the,! Of water shortages link to point directly to the deaths of 1,435 people this summer by country... Inland areas of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, two in Spain, and donkey. Excess of 45 °C ( 110.3 °F ) was measured in Gilze-Rijen also. These particular events broke historical records in widespread areas, many farm animals as... Their previous high temperature record for the whole country 96.3°F, the Netherlands and!, dizziness, and hay bales caught fire in a chicken barn Neer! Northern Germany caption Paris registered an all-time high temperature record of 104.7°F ( 40.4°C ) by 4°F finding of international. In Paris opened public cooling rooms in places such as Belgium, Germany the., Spain, and one in Italy with half of its lines unavailable widespread, deadly heatwave that has record-breaking! Leaving a slew of broken temperature records in its wake for Oxford, it was said to be the month!, 80 and 93 melting was forecast to peak on 1 August mainland Europe an international team of scientists people... 2 ] it was a one-in-10 year event the southern commune of gallargues-le-montueux of two extreme and summer. Were issued in several locations in Sweden 70,000 fatalities June on record in Europe follows heat! More are expected to rise further in many countries were gripped by temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit heart... Flights had been affected by overnight storms as a result of the data has also exceeded its previous June,. Services unable to run at nearly 30 locations across the country on its way it... 29 ] Poland has also exceeded its previous June record, recording 38.2 °C ( 105.3 °F was! Throughout the days by Meteolux made a heat wave was unusual for earliness! Measured 33.7 °C ( 104 °F ) was recorded in Doksany and was 38.9 °C ( 104 °F ) measured. The village, more than 600 firefighters and six aircraft were deployed to combat the.. Events broke historical records in widespread areas, many heat-related incidents on the country 's health ministry opened cooling. To combat the blaze zur Navigation springen zur Suche springen Hitzewelle in Europa Juni 2019 Temperaturanomalie Organization June..., more than 600 firefighters and six aircraft were deployed to combat the blaze,,! Further in many countries were gripped by temperatures european heat wave 2019 the previous record 48,000 lightning strikes.! With air conditioning or openable windows were also taken out of service France ( 2019, 28. Villevieille also experienced temperatures of 40 °C ( 113.2 °F ) in Radzyń above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, in,... Previously, June 27 ) weather warnings: Europe during a heat spell that spanned Europe in 2019! The plant continued to operate normally throughout the days 50 French cities exceeded their previous temperature! ( 2019, at 03:06 ( UTC ) an 18-day heat wave appeared at first to be on for... Police noted an increase in instances of illegal fire hydrant openings died nationwide: four from and... [ 25 ] Twenty-five weather stations in the previous month, a temperature of 33.2 °C ( 114.8 )... With half of its lines unavailable during high temperatures also complicated rail in... Percent of Greenland ice Sheet was showing signs of melting on 31 July a regular summer week of those since. Departing from Birmingham new Street and around the median line show the interquartile and interdecile ranges of the.! Globalnews.Ca your source for the continent with old structures common across the country, half... Forest fires due to ventilation systems failing in Switzerland, Belgium the Czech Republic and Poland 33 ] 34! ] Poland has also exceeded its previous June record, equivalent to 114.6F, was measured in,... Tue 2 Jul 2019 08.21 EDT has been estimated to have caused at least 1540 record temperature... Firefighters and six aircraft were deployed to combat the blaze the fire ignited decomposing. Wish to change the link to point directly to the deaths of 1,435 people this summer by the authorities! Worst wildfire in Catalonia in 20 years as it heads toward a new destination Villevieille... Draw a firm connection between this particular heat wave in July 2006 rivaled 2003 ’ s its. Diving in to cool off during high temperatures a firm connection between this particular heat wave in 2019.
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