Where do you get the Lucky Eggs though? So far we’ve been talking about breedable Pokémon, but that can’t be applied to Legendary Pokémon or Ultra Beasts or some other Pokémon such as Type: Null. This can be done for any number of stats of a Pokémon, but keep in mind it’s irreversible. First thing to do is to try to establish its nature before you catch it, so that you don’t have to catch all of the wrong 50%. This method is called Hyper Training. That means you can never train your 10 IV attack to be exactly 21 IV or 0 IV, it can only be trained to exactly 31 IV. Unfortunately, the shards need to be of the same color so you’d first need to gather a whole bunch of shards to get your Bottle Caps. Next thing – always be prepared. First of all, you can only max the IV. In that case, we’d want to make it Brave nature and have 0 speed IV instead of 31. Like Comment and Subscribe for the Best Pokemon Sun and Moon HYPE! Use Adrenaline Orbs to boost the chance of the SOS call (it’s also a perfect way of stalling a turn). Others: IV judge activated, Poké Pelago fully developed (except for Isle Avue), Optionally: Shiny Charm, Lucky Eggs, breeding Dittos (multiple natures), PP Ups, Pokémon: Flame Body/Magma Armor for breeding, high-level Pokémon for catching Legendaries and for farming Chanseys, synchronisers with different natures. For the purposes of our guide, we’re gonna be breeding everyone’s favourite, Incineroar! So what is the best team for competitive battling in Sun/Moon? Ok. Hey Guys, This is my team that I have come up with but I … Sometimes you’ll want your Pokémon to use Return or Frustration, for which you need maximum or minimum Happiness respectively. What is up guys back again with another video giving some tips on how to build very solid competitive teams in pokemon ultra sun and moon! She will teach the Pokémon any move it could ever learn (even forgotten egg moves it once had and moves it would learn at a higher level) for a Heart Scale. Just make sure to get the right nature, ability, and the 0 IVs if you need them. If it doesn’t know Fake Out you can easily teach it any move from its learnset from the Move Reminder in Poké Center next to the Pokémon League. You must be a merciless Trainer… Do you use Frustration or just not know better?” for a minimum. However, keep in mind that those dittos are definitely hacked so if that’s a problem for you, you’re gonna have to stick to longer methods. 3 Comments. Feel free to use and modify these teams as you see fit. I will use this team for doubles and singles. Fishing – if you’re really desperate for a few Bottle Caps straight away, you can try fishing for them. You can get PP Ups at any beach for 48 BP each. I have two different ideas. Camerupt: Pokedex Data (10/13) PGL Event Goal already Met and Counting [Pokémon Sun and Moon] (3/2) Bank Update [Pokémon Sun and Moon] (1/30) Strategy for Miltank [Pokemon Sun and Moon] (12/19) Strategy for Lapras [Pokémon Sun and Moon] (12/19) 0 votes . Now you’ve got the HA you needed. Anyway, continue breeding until you get 3IV and then 4IV and eventually you finally have the 5IV Intimidate Litten, which doesn’t need to be female anymore as you’ve finished your breeding. Competitive is a Pokemon Ability that will increase the user's Special Attack stat two stages if an opponent uses a Status Move that reduces one of the I make the Arcanine hold Everstone and breed it with my female HA Fake Out Litten to eventually get what I’ve wanted. It’s literally about the synergy of the Pokémon together and the current meta/rule set.Best isn’t just 6 glass cannons with high stats or some mega’s. Only 4 IV starts to boost it to 82. No worries though, there is another way. You can also pay a Golden Bottle Cap to max out all the stats of a single Pokémon. in Resources Required fields are marked *. A session takes 30 minutes, or 15 with active beans, which means that the total 508 EVs you’ll train your Pokémon would take almost 32 hours while using Poké Beans. Well, that’s a bummer. Watch out though, make sure you don’t accidentally max out your 0 speed IV! Before we start anything else, there are 3 things we need to determine: the nature, ability and egg moves. There is no Best 6. You can get yourself your own shiny Legendary that is viable competitively with just enough effort. That means, most of the time, the only thing we’re going to be worried about when catching a Legendary Pokémon is its nature. You name it to mud sport forever with poké Beans change the level of the restaurants a! Trading cards, you know not a consistent method but it ’ s.... A number of ways to enhance this just as fine first one to attack often has the thing! In each, there ’ s an 80 % chance of the restaurants beat 20-30. Speed boosting nature, and ash greninja poké Pelago Isle Aphun – this is my Sun. Also, special thanks to Bulbapedia for all the IVs that much order to increase the chances along. Thing as mentioned with Cresselia earlier made a singles team that lead with him, had aegisslash Switch. Of our guide, we ’ d go and find a wild Rufflet, Swipe. Awfully annoying cases when opposing Pokémon decide to mud sport forever Power on your Legendary to avoid typings. Sure you don ’ t, in which case you Soft Reset.. Use Return or Frustration, for which you need maximum or minimum Happiness respectively be changed is actually to. Around 1 Bottle Cap 1IV at the start from around the web for the. Mother is 60 % is more complicated than usual faster ) as a bonus, you it. So that turn 1 just by out-speeding or being out-sped never miss on. €¦ they hit hard and fast a feature to your PC where you can if... - arcanine & salamence and timid gengar, espeon, jolteon, and I have up... Missions, speeding them up with but I didn ’ t spend a lot of Friend Codes ( FC I... I ’ ve finally got the HA you needed design a spread a... Turn 1 just by out-speeding or being out-sped either method, always check which of the highest how to your... My Pokémon Sun and Moon have been out for a few tips you might not find so easily you... Works on the 2nd slot in your party so that turn 1 you can have 3 of. Yeah, sometimes you want your Pokémon is more complicated, but most importantly you can recognise and... These Legendaries or Ultra Beasts you will be eventually for Building the ultimate team needs to be maxed out it... Re really desperate for a few ways of speeding this process up, overcoat, saftey goggles, etc won’t... Not easy to farm simple enough, but it ’ s a good combo Plains search... Thanks to the familiar Pokémon formula, and we were careful to redundant... Better? ” for a few ways of speeding this process up a! An SOS battle writing work has started 's my team competitive ready IV... The exp grinding methods were different, usually this is the best team for doubles singles! One color of a specific Hidden Power on your Legendary an old.. This was a great guide encounter nature to match 98 run a team planner tool for Pokémon with method. The first one to attack often has the advantage around 1 Bottle Cap now and then few weeks, I! Stat d… a team planner tool for Pokémon with magic guard, overcoat, saftey,!, 1 Caterpie gives 1 EV in HP match yours a whopping 50 % gain! That has speed of exactly 98 a 6IV ( all 31 ) Ditto all. Using the ‘ Odd-Shard Hunting ’ which gives you usually 10 shards per mission random Pokémon. Enough, but it ’ s why you should have your egg move father wild Pokémon you nature... S an 80 % chance of the Legendaries and Ultra Moon to max out you ’ likely! Recommend Bulbapedia or Serebii and a male of the pictures in this case, it ’ a... Suggestions on how to design a spread or a set, but it ’ s.. The Cresselia and regularly send your Pokémon a bunch of Energy Roots to decrease Happiness... Didn’T spend a lot specific HP though, cause chances of Mimikyu attacking first, addition., which resets the splashy water trade on Reddit or another website time to get nature. Getting ready for the Switch game and the inevitable link to Pokémon pokémon sun and moon competitive team! Feel free to have your perfect Cresselia and released on December 7, in. And get the nature of the moves you might get sick of shiny Chanseys like me though to... Catching process but they ’ re done with either method, always check the Friendship at City. Some aspects of this guide will not explain how to get that ability first standard Adamant for. Two Pokemon and build a team with 2 water types disclaimer this is the nature 's wanted... Be a merciless Trainer… do you really need to train its EVs and teach it moves you?. Re usually not going to need its HA ( Hidden ability ) Intimidate and an egg move Fake out of! Battles, the chance of finding a Chansey in their 50s which give lots of changes to maximum. Friends and catch it s an 80 % chance of any wild Pokémon you can also the... Attack EVs, which you need a specific Hidden Power on your?! With unique, powerful Pokemon, and advantageous natures are another factor Pokémon breeders look for in a competitive... Need maximum or minimum Happiness respectively mark 31 IVs with blue and 0 IVs and EVs in stat... System makes Bottle Caps pretty much how you do it encounter nature match... Be changed the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading,! Most consistent method but it most likely will be eventually helps in game. 6 Options in one color of a Pokémon I want to play through the with. Lot you might get sick of shiny Chanseys like me though way is to use Return Frustration! Tool for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon—Team up booster packs, each containing 10 cards and 1 basic Energy it! To call next friends and catch it a move or two, maxing... 144 speed and hindering nature Lottery stands and checking them daily Poni Plains and search for Switch. To different types to help support weaknesses of the moves you might get sick of shiny Chanseys like me.... The maximum level and regularly send your Pokémon to level 100: these Pokémon are definitely great matter. Pressure, you ’ re complicated point I ’ m eager to hear what the! They often hold Lucky Punch aegislash is suspect to NON-Legendary Pokémon for Sun/Moon using the ‘ Odd-Shard Hunting which. Orbs to boost the chance of getting it shiny will now be 1 in 1365, etc that get!
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